P.S. 1 Warm Up 2, Long Island City, NY June/July 1999
For their second Summer of Electronic Music and Live Performance, renowned Architect Philip Johnson
designed a colorful, stylish multi-tiered Dj Booth and Dance Pavilion in P.S. 1's Outdoor Galleries.
Every Saturday from 4 to 9pm, their courtyard buzzed with a variety of contemporary music and dancing.
This Day to Night party set in Queens had breathtaking views of Manhattan on its surrounding blocks.
Art and Music Lovers could purchase tasty snacks and drink Brooklyn's finest Beer while grooving to the
illbient sound of Dj I-Sound who's sharp hip hop beats best matched and disturbed the glamorous
crowd. One minute they were dancing, next they stood annoyed and flabbergasted by the extremely
loud noises mixed with hip hop and classic disco tunes making him the freshest sound of this
music series. Each week presented a different line-up of Dj's and Musicians though it was British Dj
Andrea Parker who dazzled the crowd most with her special blend of old and new electro house hip hop
and techno. Those Art Lovers danced so hard security had to hold down the turntables to keep the records from skipping.
- TP & AZA

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