Creative Time: Music In The Anchorage, Brooklyn, NY June 18, 1999
Under the Brooklyn Bridge, this cavernous space merged Fashion and Music
with a Street fashion installation by Vivienne Westwood, Mold inspired fashion by Maison Martin Margiela
and five nights of sonic transmissions. The German duo Funkstorung known
for their fierce remixes for Visit Venus and Wu Tang Clan
brought their sound of innovative melodies of twitchy funky beats and left us wanting more.
Ming & FS are self described "Junkyard" Dj's, with a raw blend of hip hop breaks and hardstep sounds.
These Urban New Yorkers will make you breakdance all nite long and dream of Graffiti Subways.
German Producer Shantal a real wizard had everyone dancing and bouncing to his funky hip hop house.
When it was over we had to go to Twilo for more.

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