Whistle 2, South Jersey Expo Center Pensauken, NJ May 29, 1999
This 12 Hour party was so major that we rode one of 10 buses to get there from Manhattan.
On the bus we had snacks and saw a video of DMC Turntablists which hyped everyone up for the rave.
Thanks to our friends at Stuck On Earth we arrived at Local 13's sold-out event with no problems
as the lines to get in went on for miles we were lucky to be hooked up.
Party people came from 22 other states all over the east coast.
The megamall of a party featured space divisions called Super Dome,
Pleasure Dome, Drum Dome, Power Dome, and Industrial Strength Dome.
Some of the spaces were so close to each other the music collided as did the sweaty bodies
which made the whole event even more chaotic. Kick ass DJ's
Nigel Richards, Green Velvet, Frankie Bones, Feel Good, Icey, Freaky Flow, J-Smooth, Dieselboy,
T-1000, Manu Malin, Lenny Dee, Space Girl and many others too many to mention united the ravers.
Hardcore everything, Techno, Trance, D & B, Breakz and House. The temp was Hot Hot Hot
and the Music was LOUD in every Dome and all of the gorgeous stylish kids were sweaty like us
dancing to the fantastic laser lights and whatever other lights were going on in their headz.
Even when daylight seeped into this otherwise dismal rental hall
the Music blasted and the kids danced or sat in groups on the trashed floor. At the end of it all,
the decor became souvenirs, the plastic palm trees and monkeys were gone from the Drum Dome
as were the Aliens in the Power Dome. As this memorable night came to an end
we were bombarded with flyers outside, ready for the next rave.
- AZA & TP

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